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The versatile OUTDOOR product line offers tents designed for general use in spring, summer, and autumn. Their high quality materials, durawrap construction, and an abundance of useful accessories ensure ample comfort and excellent weather resistance. Suitable for classic hiking and paddling trips as well as classic camping.


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Tents in the "FAMILY" product range are marked by their spaciousness. The interior of the tents offers enough space for a detachable bedroom, storage of all necessities and, in most cases, free upright movement. The reinforced construction and the quality materials used guarantee ample comfort for all family members and reliable resistance to the vagaries of the weather. These tents have been designed designed especially for longer stays in one place for larger groups. In certain circumstances they may also suit paddlers, cyclists, fishermen, and motorcyclists.

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In the EXTREME LITE product line you will find lightweight and very stable tents with a duralumin construction, which are suitable for even the most demanding conditions. They are easy to pitch even in strong winds or rain. They are made of high-quality and modern materials with a high water column rating, guaranteeing comfort and convenience. The tents from the EXTREME LITE series are suitable for mountaineering, cycling, and hiking, but you can also use them for regular camping

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The ULTRALIGHT series offers extremely lightweight tents that also meet the most stringent demands in terms of stability and weather resistance. Optimal weight reduction has been achieved by using a judicious combination of the latest materials and technologies. These ULTRALIGHT tents are designed for cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities where every gram of packed baggage makes a difference.

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The first product line EXTREME offers highly durable tents suitable for themost challenging natural conditions. They are equipped with a lightweight, external duralumin frame that guarantees stability and ease of pitching even in strong winds or other adverse weather. They are then fitted with snow flaps for use in winter and high altitude. High-quality and modern materials with a high water column rating ensure comfort even in heavy snowfall or heavy rain. The tents from the EXTREME series have been purpose designed for alpine hiking and expeditions. Their parameters have consequently been tested many times in the harsh conditions of mountain giants and sandy deserts. Their advantages, however, will of course also be appreciated on classic camping trips.

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The OUTDOOR CLASSIC is a basic product line offering proven tents for casual camping from spring to autumn. The traditional glassfibre construction and the materials used guarantee ample comfort and durability. The OUTDOOR CLASSICtents are suitable for camping, outdoor camping, and paddling.

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The OUTDOOR COMPACT product line offers tents that stand out for their simple construction. Thanks to the special configuration of the poles, anyone can put it up in a short time. As a consequence, then, these tents are perfect for music festivals, camping trips, and casual paddling trips. The materials used for the rain fly and the poles ensure rain resistance and stability in bad weather.

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Did you leave your pegs at the campsite? Did you break the poles when you set up the tent in the dark? Did you rip the cover trying to zip it up? We know these unfortunate situations well and we know that sometimes they just happen. That's why it's never a problem to source spare parts for all of our tents at any time.

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