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In choosing the right outdoor clothing you should take due care and pay close attention since not only your appearance but also your health depends upon it. If you are choosing clothing for skiing, the essential element is thermal underwear, which has quality materials to effectively wick away sweat and keep you warm at the same time. Softshell jackets and softshell trousers, meanwhile, are also very popular; made of very lightweight, breathable yet waterproof materials, these are ideal clothing for running or cycling.



Prohlédni si náš sortiment značkové obuvi pro všechny outdoorové aktivity i roční období.


HUSKY offers an original and complete range of tents for all seasons and all conceivable conditions. In several categories you will find, for example, extra durable tents for demanding expeditions in hot and cold conditions, lightweight tents for hiking of all kinds, versatile tents for camping with friends, and genuinely spacious tents for large families. With all our tents, the emphasis is on the quality of the materials used and the stable structure.


Sleeping Bags

Husky offers a broad range of SLEEPING BAGS suitable for all seasons. The range includes a variety of styles from mummy to classic blanket styles. The sleeping bags are broken into several distinct product lines so that you can choose, for example, from expedition sleeping bags for demanding conditions, lightweight sleeping bags for hiking of all kinds, or more versatile sleeping bags that are also suitable for stays at a campsite or cottage. Across our range you can expect the judicious choice of highest quality materials, guaranteeing ample comfort for the given conditions, high durability, and reliable comfort.


Sleeping Mats

Sleeping mats by HUSKY are extremely soft and comfortable and you won't even notice the absence of your own bed during your long travel adventures. The generously-proportioned self-inflating models ensure undisturbed sleep even on hard and cold ground. Thanks to the light and durable material sleeping mats perfect to every terrain. You can choose from many colour variations.

Husky Sleeping mats HUSKY are made from quality materials, don't absorb moisture and offer warm and safe place to rest on after a long journey. Buy directly from the manufacturer.



Czech brand HUSKY's range of backpacks offers a diverse collection of models for every conceivable application. It is well understood that choosing the right backpack can make travelling much easier. That's why we have versions of backpacks for demanding expeditions with large internal space, versatile backpacks suitable for classic hiking, small backpacks for cyclists, and practical backpacks suitable for everyday urban wear in several categories. All models are lightweight, durable, constructed with quality materials and equipped with an anatomical back system for dependable comfort.



Our range of outdoor equipment includes a large number of essential accessories for comfortable outdoor travel. Don't be caught out on your travels and keep handy spares and indispensible gear for every eventuality. Here you will be able to choose from: headlamps, soft sleeping mats, deckchairs and folding chairs, bum bags, spare trekking pole ends, tent compression bags, tent floors, raincoats, plastic drinking bottles, gas cannisters, as well as sunglasses and ski goggles.


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