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Sleeping Bags

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The "DOWN" range consists of sleeping bags that have a high quality natural goose down filling. This delivers excellent thermal insulation properties and significantly reduces weight and volume while also extending the lifetime of the sleeping bag. These key parameters are enhanced by the excellent materials and manufacturing techniques used to produce the inner and outer. Models in the "DOWN" range have therefore been tailored for harsh climatic conditions. As standard, this range is equipped with a branded YKK zip, an internal insulating draft collar, hood drawstring, anti-slip belts, and other essentials.

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The PREMIUM range represents luxury sleeping bags that excel with excellent thermal insulation properties and a timeless design. All this has been achieved by using the highest quality modern materials that meet the demanding requirements for sleeping bags even in extreme climatic conditions. The models on offer thus combine the best of what is now available in the industry. The sleeping bags from the PREMIUM series are therefore ideal equipment for exacting customers and challenging expeditions. As you would expect, these models offer indispensible features and accessories including YKK-branded zips, anti-slip strips, and much more.

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The OUTDOOR range includes versatile sleeping bags with a wide range of uses. In this category you will find a broad spectrum of models for different types of expeditions, which will satisfy even the very specific requirements of paddlers, hikersands ramblers, women, and children. Pains have been taken in all design decisions relating to the choice of high quality materials and manufacturing technologies, features and accessories, and, not least aesthetics. All this while maintaining affordable prices. The sleeping bags from the OUTDOOR range are ideal for paddling, motorbiking, and cycling trips, for classic hiking, and of course many other activities.

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The ULTRALIGHT range consists of extremely lightweight sleeping bags that are suitable for milder conditions and warmer seasons. Thanks to their workmanship and modern, high-quality materials, all models guarantee a remarkable low weight and packed volume. In the recommended conditions, however, they also provide sufficient thermal comfort, weather resistance and reliable comfort. Sleeping bags from the ULTRALIGHT range have been designed primarily for cycling expeditions, classic hiking, and all outdoor activities where it is imperative to pack light.

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The "BLANKET" range consists of traditional, very spacious, and reliably comfortable sleeping bags which are useable in a variety of situations. This is why you will find a broad spectrum of models for different temperature conditions and in different material designs in this range. Needless to say given their traditional lineage, all of them can be made into a full-sized blanket as was once common. High-quality materials have been used as standard to guarantee ample thermal comfort. Sleeping bags from the "BLANKET" series are ideal for trips to the countryside, casual paddling expeditions, and for hiking and rambling. Due to their versatility, they are also suitable as a replacement for a blanket, for example, on a holiday to a campsite, caravan, or cottage.

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In the "WOMEN" range you will find high-quality and beautifully designed sleeping bags created with women in mind. The range includes a broad range of sleeping bags that can be put to use in very different conditions - from the most challenging to the most forgiving of environments. All models are of course made of the highest quality materials and, in addition to the advantages visible elsewhere, pay due respect to the parameters of the female anatomy. Here too are models equipped to meet specific requirements, for example to increase thermal comfort by adding a warm leg bag, etc. The sleeping bags from the "WOMEN" range, then, are suitable both for arduous expeditions and for trips to the countryside, paddling trips, or classic camping.

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In the "KIDS' and JUNIOR" range you will find quality sleeping bags specially designed for young travellers. This category includes a wide range of models from classic blanket styles to those with a contemporary mummy cut. Care has been taken to use high quality materials that guarantee superior comfort, ample thermal insulation, and resistance to all kinds of outdoor discomfort. The sleeping bags from the "KIDS' and JUNIOR" series are thus versatile, especially suitable for summer camps, boating expeditions, and hiking, but also for general camping or spells at a cottage.

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