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Expedition 35l – 80lGo to category

The "EXPEDITION" series brings very comfortable and practical backpacks, which are designed for challenging hiking in trying terrain and conditions. All models are equipped with an anatomical back system making them comfortable to wear and therefore suitable for longer trips. During production, emphasis has been placed on the optimal choice of materials and modern technologies that ensure weather-resistance and reliable comfort. The backpacks from the "EXPEDITION" series are suitable for expeditions and mountaineering, but also of course for all common outdoor activities.

Touristic 10l – 45lGo to category

The "TOURIST" range of backpacks is comprised of versatile and lightweight backpacks that have been designed for a variety of uses in both everyday and unusual conditions. All models feature an anatomically shaped back system with excellent ventilation, guaranteeing an optimally comfortable wearing experience. Of course, the high quality materials have been chosen to be both pleasant and highly durable. The backpacks from the "TOURIST" series are perfect for classic cycling and cycle touring, but you can also use them for everyday urban wear.

Cycling 6l – 20lGo to category

In the "CYCLIST" line there are small and lightweight backpacks that fit perfectly. All models in this category have been specially developed for the needs of bicycle touring. They are equipped with an anatomical back system which delivers perfect ventilation - something you will appreciate especially in more demanding terrains. The high-quality materials used are breathable and provide excellent weather-resistance. Backpacks from the "CYCLIST" series are designed for bike trips but also for classic hiking and everyday use in the city.

City 20l - 40lGo to category

In the "CITY" range you will find high-quality, comfortable, and affordable backpacks, designed for everyday use. In these models, the emphasis has been placed on ergonomics and breathability, which, combined with the latest materials, provides optimal comfort. There are different sizes, designs and a wide range of colours among which anyone is sure to find a favourite. Backpacks from the "CITY" range will become your faithful companions when travelling around town or to work or school.

Kids 6l – 17lGo to category

Husky's range of "KIDS'" backpacks offer quality and practical backpacks that have been designed specifically for children. Their specifications meet the high demands placed on bags worn and relied upon every day by children. All models are equipped with an anatomical back system, breathable shoulder straps, comfortable padding, a label for name, address, and phone and, of course, reflective elements for safety and visibility. Here too, the emphasis has been placed on the high quality of the materials used for a comfortable fit. The backpacks from the KIDS series are great for school, but they are also suitable for trips of all kinds.

Sports and travel bagsGo to category

A range of sports and travel bags and holdalls to accompany you on short trips away from home, to the gym, training, or a class etc. Here you will find bags where you will be able to comfortably fit your fitness equipment or clothes and essentials for three days. A large main compartment, adjustable strap length and waterproofing make HUSKY sports and travel bags indispensable companions.

Take these stylish travel bags on a weekend trip or just to the gym. The Czech brand HUSKY offers complete outdoor equipment for everyone.

Bum bags and small bagsGo to category

For a time it may have looked like bum bags had become obsolete, a fashion faux pas, but irrespective of whether that has come full circle, athletes have always known that a bum bag is a dependable companion for the outdoors. These bags will always be at your fingertips to grab or stow away essentials or offer a handy pocket for a bottle. You'll appreciate them when running, cycling, Nordic walking, and other outdoor activities.

HUSKY bum bags and travel pouches are an indispensable accessory for any hiking trip. Selected models are also suitable for runners. They have a bottle pocket.

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