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Returns & Exchanges

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  • 2 Exchange
  • 3 Completion

If the goods do not suit you, you can return them for FREE or exchange them for other goods within 14 days from the date of your purchase. The goods you return or exchange must not be damaged or destroyed and must contain all original tags and labels.

Free exchange of goods

If you wish to exchange your purchase please use our FREE EXCHANGE service. The exchange is carried out in three ways, either in the Husky store network, or at the branches of the Postal Service, or by delivery via DPD.

Free returns

If you only wish to make a return, please use our FREE RETURNS service. Returns are made through the company's mail order service.

Register for Husky Club

Become a Husky Club member and enjoy the benefits of membership immediately with your first purchase! Buy HUSKY products with a guaranteed permanent discount directly from the manufacturer and get many other special offers

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