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Camping furniture

Travelling with HUSKY camping equipment provides absolute comfort, even on long backpacking trips. Set up camp, unpack your camping furniture, and in no time at all you’ll be just as comfy in the middle of nature as you’d be in your own living room. On a week’s family holiday, a month’s adventurous expedition, or a weekend festival, HUSKY makes a trusty companion everywhere you pitch up.

On a week’s family holiday or at a festival. Our camping furniture will provide you with home comforts far from where you live. Trust the high-quality Czech brand HUSKY.

Small tetrapod stool
440 Kč199 Kč
Not in stock
Small tripod stool
340 Kč272 Kč
Not in stock
Light, collapsible table
2 190 Kč1 752 Kč
We’ll deliver on 18. 4. 2024 or 19. 4. 2024 in 19 stores
Small camping chair
2 290 Kč1 832 Kč
We’ll deliver on 18. 4. 2024 or 19. 4. 2024 in 19 stores
Large comfortable chair
2 390 Kč1 912 Kč
We’ll deliver on 18. 4. 2024 or 19. 4. 2024 in 13 stores

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