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Ultralight Tent – Sawaj Camel 2

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The Sawaj Camel model is the lightest tent with poles. We have achieved such a low weight thanks to modern lightweight materials and innovative technology. The single duralamin pole, which forks into two to form an arch to support the entrance, guarantees excellent stability and wind resistance. It is ideal for cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities where every gram saved makes a difference.


Proportions: (W × L × H) 140 × 285 × 110cm

Proportions: (packaged) 45 × 12cm

Weight: min. / total 1.3 kg / 1.6 kg

Construction: double-skin free-standing tent with internal frame construction

Outer tent: 20D Nylon RipStop, 3,000mm/cm2 silicone coating on both sides

Inner tent: air-permeable Nylon 20D + mosquito net

Groundsheet: 70D 210T Nylon, 10,000 mm/cm2 PU coating

Bearing poles: duralumin Y poles - ø 8,5 mm

Accessories: lightweight duralumin pegs, repair kit, compression bag, storage net for essentials



Two-sided silicon coating Two-sided silicon coating
Duralumin Poles Duralumin Poles
UV protection UV protection
2 person 2 person
Waterproof sack Waterproof sack
Ultralight Tent Ultralight Tent
ISO_811_2018 certificated ISO_811_2018 certificated
Ripstop material Ripstop material


OUTER MATERIAL: 20D 360T Nylon Ripstop

20D Nylon Ripstop

Very lightweight and breathable synthetic fibers, but with sufficient strength and flexibility. They therefore effectively resist possible tearing. The material is also suitable for cold weather as it has good thermal insulation properties. All this is further enhanced by the RIPSTOP treatment of the material. Fabrics woven with this technology is resistant to mechanical damage and, if it occurs, stops it from spreading further.

Siliconization (double-sided 3,000 mm/cm² coating)

Coating with silicon is a reliable way to protect materials from moisture penetration in the most effective and permanent manner. It is a lightweight, extra strong, top-level impregnation applied to the outer shell of the tent. The material treated in this way also has significantly increased durability against UV radiation and good thermal insulation properties. It can therefore be used even in very low temperatures.

The versatile silicone coating in conjunction with the Nylon and Ripstop material treatment represents the most advanced and lightweight combination of technologies available today. The Nylon is protected from UV rays by siliconization and is absolutely waterproof across the board. In addition, this variant allows the lowest possible material weight to be used.

INNER TENT: 20D Nylon Ripstop

20D Nylon Ripstop

A pleasant, soft, light, and breathable synthetic fabric which is also strong and flexible. With its excellent thermal isolation properties, the material is suitable for low temperatures. All this is further enhanced by the RIPSTOP treatment of the material, which makes it resistant to mechanical damage and prevents any damage from spreading should it occur.

POLES: Duralumin


A material which, on account of its favourable properties, is frequently used for the external construction of tents, especially in the expedition class where every gram saved counts. Duralumin is an alloy of aluminium with a mixture of other elements to which it owes its light weight and ability to withstand greater loads.

GROUNDSHEET: 190T Polyester, Polyurethane (coating 10,000 mm/cm²)

190T Polyester

This fabric is exceptionally resilient. It is not only abundantly strong and flexible but also very light. For tents in particular, this combination of properties is an inestimable advantage.

Polyurethane (coating 10,000 mm/cm²)

The polyurethane coating is a permanent impregnation applied directly to the material at various layers. This special treatment of the fabric prevents the penetration of water. The parameters of the coating parameter determines the water column rating (given in mm/cm2), in other words the ability of the material to resist water pressure.



Doprava ZDARMA (zde)

Možnost výměny zboží zdarma!

HUSKY garantuje možnost výměny zboží zdarma na své náklady do 14 dnů.

Podrobnosti zde, nebo na faktuře, kterou obdržíte se zbožím.

Traveler reviews

Ondřej testuje: stan Sawaj Camel a spacák Dinis -10°C

Když se člověk vydává na 4 měsíční cestu na motorce, kde ho čeká nejen spoustu kilometrů, ale především hodně kilometrů mimo asfaltky a cesty řeší každé kilo a prostor na motorce. Protože, čím je…

Chilloutrip testuje: stan Sawaj Camel

Na naší cestě po JV Asii jsme sebou měli ještě jednoho parťáka, a to stan Sawaj Camel 2. 



Ultralight Tent

Sawaj 2

Weight 2.2kg
duralumin poles

Delivery on 4. 7. 2022
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7 490 Kč 6 367 Kč
Husky tip

Ultralight Tent

Sawaj 3

Weight 2.5 kg
duralumin poles

Delivery on 4. 7. 2022
stock on 17 stores

7 990 Kč 6 792 Kč
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