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Inflatable sleeping mat

A comfortable and lightweight inflatable mat for a good night’s sleep on any terrain. For backpacking, trekking, and other outdoor activities.

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The inflatable mat Feezy is extraordinarily light and space-saving. It’s suitable for cycling, trekking, and other outdoor activities where you need to save every gram. Thanks to its longitudinal chambers, it provides optimum weight distribution for even greater comfort and good thermal insulation. This way it maximizes the quality of rest – anywhere at any time.


  • An inflatable sleeping mat with a low weight.
  • A 6 cm insulation layer for protection against uneven terrain and the cold.
  • Made of 20D 380T ripstop nylon – TPU coating.
  • The high-quality materials make the mat highly durable and usable on any terrain.
  • Space-saving– thanks to its small packed volume it can fit into any backpack.
  • The smart valve makes inflating and packing easier.

  • Inflatable Inflatable
  • 6 cm insulation layer
  • Lightweight and space-saving

Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 180 × 61 × 6 cm
Dimensions (packed): 26 × 10 cm
Material: 20D 380T ripstop nylon – TPU coating
Perforation: no
Thermal resistance (R-value): 1.8

OUTER MATERIAL: 20D 380T nylon

Very soft, light, and breathable 100% nylon fibres that are also sufficiently strong and elastic. That’s why they are very resistant to tearing or other mechanical damage. This material is water-repellent and also suitable for low temperatures, since it has good thermal insulation properties.

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