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City Backpack Nefy 24l

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The Nefy backpack has been designed not only for the every day urban use, but also for short trips. Thanks to its EVA back system and handily-arranged pockets and compartments, it will become your perfect companion.

Nefy backpack features:

An anatomically-shaped back system made of moulded EVA; breathable padding on the ergonomically-designed shoulder and waist straps; two main compartments; waist and chest strap; organiser; side compression straps.

  • Practical backpack Practical backpack
  • Back System Back System
  • water resistant water resistant
  • Waist strap Waist strap
  • Chest Strap Chest Strap
  • Internal Organiser Internal Organiser
  • Light Backpack Light Backpack
  • Side pocket for bottle Side pocket for bottle
  • Adjustable pole length Adjustable pole length

Volume: 24l

Weight: 640g

Dimensions: 46.5 × 27 × 16cm

Material: 420D / PU Nylon

BACK SYSTEM: EVA moulding (ETS construction)

EVA moulding

This is an EVA moulding. Its great advantage is the shape memory, with the help of which the backpack will adapt directly to your back and will fit perfectly and permanently.

ETS construction technology (EVA THERMOFORMED SYSTEM)

This anatomically-shaped back system has been developed to hug the back while also allowing good air ventilation in this area. The outer EVA material used is very pleasant to the touch and has excellent shape memory. It therefore adapts precisely to the shape of the back of the wearer. The stability of this construction is ensured by the Y-shaped polyethylene reinforcement.

OUTER MATERIAL: 420D Polyester Ripstop/600D Polyester/ 420D Nylon with waterproof treatment

420D Polyester Ripstop/600D Polyester

Lightweight and breathable synthetic fibres which have ample strength and flexibility. They also resist UV rays very well. Here everything is further enhanced by the RIPSTOP material treatment. Fabrics woven with this technology are resistant to mechanical damage and, where it occurs, prevents it from spreading further

420D Nylon with waterproof treatment

These synthetic fibres are lightweight and breathable but equally have ample strength and flexibility. They also resist UV rays very well.

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